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How to Delete Ai Dress Remover Image from Internet Social media

 Learn how to delete images that have been distorted and spread on the Internet with Ai

With the increase in skills in Artificial Intelligence or AI and Photoshop, the possibility of making various changes to the original image and creating obscene images has increased a lot. Incidentally, after stealing a person's photo and then sharing it with defacement, it is called revenge porn. There are several platforms in the world that help the sufferer in such a problem. Notable among them is StopNCII.org. If someone has already shared a distorted picture of you or someone you know on the internet, let's find out how to remove it through this platform.

StopNCII.org is a UK revenge porn helpline service. The organization claims to help people aged 18 and over who have experienced the problem of personal image manipulation. The platform also claims that they help victims remove private, defaced images from all forms of social media and the internet.

The organization is part of SWGfL, a UK non-profit charity. The platform claims that their defacement rate is 90%, and they have successfully removed over 200,000 private photos from the internet using advanced technology.

How does the platform work?

StopNCII.org has a tool to generate hash/digital fingerprints from intimate photos or videos.

Note that image hashing is a method of using algorithms to assign a unique hash value to an image. All duplicate copies of an image have the same hash value.

StopNCII.org said it shares the hash with the platforms the images are uploaded to, so they can identify and remove the images.

What are the names of the partner platforms?

StopNCII.org can remove images from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, TikTok, Bumble, Threads and OnlyFans.

Also, many organizations around the world are associated with the platform, including Breakthrough in India, Center for Social Research, RATI Foundation for Social Change, Red Dot Foundation, and Social Media Matters.

When can complaints be made on the StopNCII.org platform?

A complainant must meet certain criteria to seek help from this agency. For example,

  • The image must belong to the complainant and have access to the image.
  • Check how private the photo is.
  • The complainant in the picture must be above 18 years of age.
  • No one else can submit photos on behalf of the complainant.
  • Any person in the world can get the help of this tool.

How to remove distorted images from the Internet with StopNCII.org?

First the complainant has to fill up a form online and provide the required data on the platform.

Any intimate photos/videos from your device should be selected as per the eligible criteria. StopNCII.org will create a digital fingerprint (aka hash) of the image or video on your device. A hash will then be sent from the complainant's device, but no image or video will be sent. Note that no content of the complainant will be uploaded.

The complaint will then be verified and assigned a case number. This case number along with PIN will be required for future access.

Organizations will look for matches with hashes and remove defaced images from their systems.

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