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Be intimate with a lover in public? What Janhvi said


Father Boney Kapoor wanted his daughter to become established in the industry on her own merits. So Janhvi Kapoor was initially not cast in any film directed by her. Sridevi-Kanya also aimed to establish herself as quickly as possible. He even agreed to any offer for money.

At present, Janhvi is a popular actress who has done 6 films. He also expressed his desire to send a gift to a star before Christmas. And love? Although Orhan covered up the rumors about Avatramani, he did not say anything in response to the question about who he is with now. However, one question returned to the love of the past.

Ever been intimate with a lover on the street? The heroine of 'Milli' was ashamed to ask such a question. To the journalist's surprise, Janhvi replied, "Yes, we have fondled each other in public."

Who does 'we' mean? In response to the question, Janhvi said that journalists, photographers - used to avoid everyone at one time. Sometimes it happened that they would hide in the trunk of the car to hide themselves from the cameras. He never wanted fame to come in the way of his independent life. At that time, Jahnveer was in love with his childhood friend Akshat Rajan.

Janhvi said, “My friendship with Rajan turned into love. But within a few days I broke the relationship and came out. Now my sister is happy in love with him. Although the three of us are friends first, everything after that.”

After a few days, Janhvi will be seen opposite Rajkummar Rao in Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. Apart from that, he will be seen in the family film 'Bawal'. Which will be released on April 7 next year.

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